the first diptych is “for the fire.” my mom collected all the pine cones in the yard and filled two trash-barrel sized containers with them. they’re for burning in my parent’s woodstove. every day my dad goes outside to the woodpiles and brings kindling and wood inside for their final wait before joining the fire. this is a routine highlight of the day for our cat, Milo, as he sniffs all the smells out of every new batch of wood.

the second diptych is “love the winter.” december is the easiest time to love the winter, but the cold, the frost, the blue hue, and the sitting inside gazing out will last many more months both in New England and Illinois. i think i need to go for a winter hike SOON.

i used to make diptychs with my photos a few years ago, but it’s been a while since i’ve made any, but i did a couple today. i came across a photo editing program for Macs called Pixelmator not that long ago and downloaded their free trial. it’s similar enough to some of the tools in Photoshop that i would use if i had it, but about a million times cheaper. soon after i happened upon it’s listing on Amazon when it was just 14.99 (sells for $59 from Pixelmator, and varies a lot on Amazon)!


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