waiting for green

we had some beautiful, warm weather last week, but MAN is there still a lot of brown around here.

evergreen trees? blue water? moss? central illinois is unfamiliar with such things.

sure, the wild grasses and plants are kinda neat in a toasted yellow-brown neutral snooze-fest sort of way.

i couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of how scummy and skeazy some of that swampy water looked up close. (any tinge green you see in the background is actually radioactive pond scum.)

okay, sometimes the prairies give off a blue hue in the winter.

it was sunny earlier in the day, but the clouds rolled over by the time i decided to go on my adventure.

let’s just say Illinois wouldn’t want me on their tourism board. trust me, though, i sass you with affection.

Moraine View State Park – Try coming back in the summer!


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