through the window

i have not ventured very far outside these days, in between going to work and back. sometimes i linger at night in the driveway when i get home, that is, if it’s cold and the stars are out. i reminds me of when i had to put on a coat and boots and walk a 1/4 mile to go to bed every night. except that now it’s only a handful of feet i have to walk to get inside an already toasty house. this winter is kind of meloncholy. part of it is the lack of snow (only 1-2 inches at a time, what is this?!). but, there’s other things, too. anyway, all of these pictures where taken through the windows in my house. i’m staying sheltered in from the schizophrenic weather around here.

time to sip coffee, sit in the quiet, and mull over some of my saved quotes. (and really, start reading again and writing some down)


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