academic spring


just some more spring-themed photos from a short walk i took after spending sometime at the university library. i’ll share what’s currently on my reading list:

comfort, cleanliness and convenience – elizabeth shove

the stand – stephen king

woodswoman: living alone in the adirondack wilderness – anne labastille

to be honest, though, i’m not reading as much as i should each day. i should make a better routine, read at certain times of day, perhaps? stephen king for an hour in the afternoon, woodswoman before bed, academic books in the morning/on sundays? oh, i don’t know. i could blame it on having a laptop and the internet around so handily to distract me from reading books, but last year at Bear Brook i didn’t have that and i still didn’t read too much. i found other distractions instead (work, people, movies, art projects even, just plain sleeping, walks, etc.). if i’m going to make reading part of my career someday, i better work on those habits. it was easier in grad school, but not necessarily towards the end when almost all structure/peer pressure left the picture. ah well, i’ll be working on it.


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