a different kind of autumn


when people in iowa find out that i’m from maine they want to know why i’m here. honestly, they come right out and ask me. why would i ever leave such beautiful place as maine? i know, right? i’m a new england girl. this time of year, especially. the vast majority of my autumns have been spent in the part of the world where people know what “leaf peeping” means and what “whoopie pies” are. you know what, though? last fall in new england was depressing for foliage snobs like me so who am i to judge? look, i’ll move to a place like iowa and be stubbornly optimistic about it because i don’t have any reason not to. yeah, i don’t have mountains to hike and i would probably give an arm to have one 10 minutes away for a change. and yeah, i miss the smell of the salty ocean air. but hey, i’m lucky enough to be able to live in different places, to chose where i want to live simply because i want to explore, and to appreciate autumn wherever i can find it.


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  1. Beautiful color, focus, and depth of field to all of these photographs. I think the second to last is actually my favorite of the bunch. I have to agree with the people from Iowa– I’ve been going to my family’s summer home in Bridgeton Maine every summer since I was very young. I love it in Maine, but hey, if you can find happiness elsewhere too then thats all that matters. Thanks for sharing your photography,

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