a look back at 2012

2012 seemed to fly by for me. maybe it was because i spent it in so many places and worked so many different jobs. it was a crazy year, full of epic adventures and quiet moments, too. many of these photos didn’t make it to the blog so i thought this would be a good place to remember 2012 with a photo a month.



i spent a strange, snowless january going on walks with my family (that’s my niece gwen, above), working at a menial job to stay afloat, and dreaming about the future.



february brought an early spring, more walks, and green woods.



i packed my things and moved all the way out to iowa to live with Darin! the start of a new and exciting adventure. to keep myself occupied while i looked for work, i started a 365 project, cooked a lot in my new kitchen, and explored burger joints and nature trails with Darin.



i went on a lot of walks, worked a little on a local organic farm, and enjoyed lots of fresh food and flowers.



i got the chance to visit with family in new hampshire, see the early fruits of my mom’s garden, and spent a week at training in charlestown (nh). in iowa, i went to my first des moines farmer’s market and Darin and i celebrated our first year together.



i spent most of june living and working at Isle Royale National Park, an archipelago in northern lake superior. it was a place unlike any i’ve ever been, and it stole away a piece of my heart. seagulls and loons, thunderstorms and sunrises, fog and mosquitoes, moose and canoes. it was one of the most peaceful, quiet, and beautiful places i’ve ever been.



in july i ran away to California to lead a conservation crew in the stunning Desolation Wilderness. i escaped the humid, hot summer (sort of) at high elevations among alpine lakes.




i left california very dirty and tan, but not without visiting Yosemite National Park for the 2nd time in my life (can you believe it!?). worked some more harvesting veggies at an organic farm (tomatoes! so many tomatoes!), hosted some michigan friends in iowa, went to a music festival and devoured my first rack of ribs, did some canoeing on the mississippi, and celebrated my birthday with some thai food with Darin. :)



this month we tried to appreciate some of iowa’s assets – like local wineries and the bridges of madison county. Darin and I took a road trip to the lake michigan side of Michigan and went to a wedding on the beach.



i did my best to enjoy autumn in the midwest and was thrilled to have my sister visit from maine! we carved pumpkins, visited the cliffs of iowa, celebrated Darin’s birthday, ate the greatest hummus i’ve ever had, and cleaned up a creek!



in november i took my first trip north to Minnesota and Wisconsin, where Darin and i met up with an old friend, did some spectacular november camping, ate some amazing pho in Minneapolis, and daringly ventured to a Vikings-Lions game.




in december we sold our things, packed the rest in our two little cars, and said goodbye to the folks we met in iowa before we hit the road on a journey to michigan and new hampshire. we waited and waited and finally found out that we’d be officially MOVING to new hampshire. not only did we get to spend christmas here, but we get to stay, and thus 2013 looks to be a wonderful year indeed! phew!


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