spring in the woods














spring arrives in the woods a little bit later than it does in town, but little by little the signs are starting to show. the peepers are peeping at night in the wetlands, the birds are more active, buds are starting to show, and the temperatures are slowly rising. oh, and TICKS are abound! ugh, ticks. why. just why.

i went for a short walk today in my new purple pants and FINALLY had my first moose encounter here! it was so exciting, i can’t even tell you how exciting it was. when the moose heard me she was just on the edge of the woods and ran back into them so i thought i wouldn’t get a good look OR a photo.  i could hear her making her way back towards a wetland though, staying close to the road, so i moved in that direction until she emerged again! she looked at me for a minute and then ran across the road and further into the woods this time. amazing!



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  1. The best part about living in NH is probably its beauty during all seasons! However, the worst part is probably all the black flies! Yikes!

  2. very evocative photographs.
    oh, and waiting for a moose was one of my childhood’s favorite activities!

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