an alaskan june

















when i arrived in Alaska at the beginning of last month, the brief Alaskan spring had  just begun. the late winter snow storms lingered on all the mountains, the trees still had that neon bright spring green quality, and ice still covered alpine lakes and trails. yet we were also gifted with blazing sunshine, unusually warm days, and an amazing red salmon barbecue.

this is the first post of hopefully a few more to come as i sort through photos from my Alaskan adventure. this is my third summer where i’ve spent at least 30 days camping and working and leading a group of high school youth on conservation service projects. we work in national forests or national parks to help trails, restore campsites, reduce fire hazards, improve user experiences, etc. this year i spent 5 weeks in Alaska leading a crew of 8 alaska native youth. it was pretty challenging and amazing! these photos document just part of the time we spent living and working in the kenai peninsula.

above are photos from a snowy and cold Seward, various views of the GORGEOUS Kenai lake, a rainy afternoon on Bear Lake, a day hike to icy Carter Lake (the kids went SWIMMING, can you believe it?! so cold!), and the barbecue dinner of freshly caught red salmon, which i feel like officially kicked off the summer for us. YUM.


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