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welcome to the cabin! i was thinking that since we got a new (used) wood stove last weekend and did a bit of rearranging in the cabin, i’d share some snapshots of what this little living space is like. this old jotul is smaller and about a million times more beautiful and functional than our old wood stove. the difference is like night and day. at the same time, we might not be staying in this cabin for too much longer, although we haven’t made a decision yet. if we don’t stay, i want to remember this cabin at it’s best, and that even includes it’s imperfections. it all mixes together to become home. it’s taken a while, and me and this cabin have had our ups and downs. huge spiders, stick bugs in my face, mice escapades, a moldy summer, dark days, smokey fires, flickering lights, snowmobiles right outside… but it’s also kept us warm in the winter, held up under blizzards and wind storms, supplied us tons of closet space and an attic, charged our phones, welcomed quiet sleepy nights, provided a nest for pheobe’s at our front door, and brings in close the sights and sounds and smells of the woods. i may not have room for all the furniture and precious kitchen supplies that live in my parents’ basement or the pictures and homey items i’d like to hang on the walls or set on the bookshelves worth of books i still have stored somewhere else, BUT i’ve been forced to live more simply. yeah, often i’ve resisted it and i’ve complained and i’ve been sad about it, but it’s time that i start embracing the simplicity, right? right.



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  1. I absolutely am in love with your cabin. We used to live in a little log house (bigger than this one, we actually lived in it with four kids). It looks like a little slice of heaven…the kind of thing that most people dream about visiting for a weekend. And yes, forced simplicity doesn’t always come easy…I totally get that, I’m a bit of a sprawler with my stuff. Great photos.

    • Aw, thank you! Everytime I get sad about not having plumbing I just have to look at this post and remember how lucky I am to live here. I can’t imagine cabin living with four kids – that’s incredible! :)

  2. I love your simple woods life! It reminds me of the book The Years Of The Forest by Helen Hoover, which I absolutely loved (and picked up on a whim at a used bookstore once with no idea what a magical story I’d find inside!)

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