an ode to eastern hemlocks







“When I listen to the hemlock’s sad rain, play it over in my head, I feel thicker, like a hemlock, more worn. I feel the still-cool air of the hemlock woods, and I imagine the ground, the cool ground of a forest that will once again undergo a change, a shift, a dynamic transformation that is like so many it has undergone over thousands of years of different lives—a high or a low tide, depending on how you look at it.” – Robert Sullivan

Just a brief post today. I wanted to share a few hemlock photos from February that I’ve been keeping to myself and also link to this fantastic article by Robert Sullivan in Orion Magazine. It’s called “Forest Farewell: An ode to an iconic tree,” and reads like part eulogy, part history, part imagining of a future of a tree that’s actually quite undervalued. “Like traffic, hemlock is not sexy. It is not a celebrity tree, one of the reasons I admire it and often think of what it said. It is an uncelebrated tree in the not-so-celebrated forests of the Northeast—i.e., the non-West.” Check it out!


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