march in the woods


March is actually a pretty great month. for some reason i’m appreciating it more than i have in past years. thus, i’m dedicating this post to all the good things about March in the woods. first, to the nuthatches that hang around the cabin looking for grub. and to the chickadees that chirped so quietly all through the winter who are now singing their songs.


to the barred owls that wake me up at night  with their ascending hoots. how i’ve missed the sound of barred owls!


to the hemlocks. whose deep green needles provide a luscious hue of color and shimmer in the late winter light (which March brings so much more of!).



to the woodpeckers who seem to be pecking even more vigorously now that winter is waning. this pine had been recently pillaged of all it’s deep-dwelling bugs recently. the ground around the trunk was showered with the fresh wood chips.




i even appreciate the first (and hopefully last) winter head cold. if you can, make the late winter sneezes an excuse to cozy up inside while the weather might still be foul. i really should read books when i’m sick, but instead i fully embrace the tv-show marathon as a delightful coping mechanism. we’ve been watching battlestar galactica the past few nights and already made it to season 2.0. not too shabby!


to dreaming of the buds that will soon be burgeoning with blooms. just a few more weeks…



March is wonderful because i still get to use my late-winter purchase of (on sale!) snowshoes! now is the time of year to snatch up winter recreation gear on clearance. while so many people are dreaming of warm weather and summer, you can snatch up a deal and find a new way to love the snow that lingers on.


to the beech leaves because they just persist and persist! i love the way even the hardiest of leaves start to look winter worn. they get all curled up and shaken by the cold winds. if the beech leaves can hang on for this long, so can i!


even the squirrels and their snow holes still make me happy.


to finding a snow-free rock or two on a warm and sunny day. now is the time to soak in the quiet of a late winter afternoon. soon the world will be full of sounds, which is exciting, but this peace is precious while it lasts.






lastly, i love the smell of woodsmoke on a March afternoon. soon our woodstove won’t be needed, and the inside of our cabin will feel a little less cozy and a lot more cool and damp. i watch the smoke wandering through the trees in the bright afternoon light. snow still drips from the roof and mud puddles are starting to form all over. the late winter snow storm is on it’s way with a lot of rain and maybe a lot of snow, too. sure, things may still look like winter, but it’s changing ever so slightly every day.


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