spring is coming along










wow, did i ever avoid hiking in March. what happened? in early March I was still tromping around in my snowshoes and then all of a sudden the thawing and freezing and thawing and freezing of ice-y mud puddles just got to me. i lost all motivation to explore outside. well, all that’s finally starting to change.

we still have so much snow and ice, but that’s no matter because the eastern phoebes are back! i’ve been hearing their calls all week and it makes me so happy! last year we had a phoebe build a nest on an old light fixture  right next to our front door. i used to spy on the nest by holding my phone up above it and snapping a photo. i watched two, then three, then FIVE eggs appear over the course of a few days. i was away in Alaska when the little ones hatched, but Darin grabbed a photo of all the chicks for me. how cute are they?? he reported that all the babies successfully fledged the nest. now i wonder if they or their parents are back this year looking for a similar nest spot. we took the old fixture down, but i hope they find a spot close and stay nearby.

i also love the evenings this time of year. there’s just enough daylight to head out for sunset walks after dinner. there’s still enough snow cover that the blue hue of dusk lights up the forest and the evenings are still cool enough that the stars still twinkle brightly beyond the bare branches of the trees. the crescent moon looks down on us and barred owl caterwauling wakes us up in the middle of the night. until the crescendo of spring peepers and other critters fill the night, i’m going to enjoy what’s left of our quiet winter nights with the owls.


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