learning spring bird songs










i only took these photos 5 days ago, but in that brief time spring has truly begun in this part of new hampshire. the ice is almost entirely off the ponds, our snow is nearly gone, and more birds are arriving everyday. saturday morning i was awake at 5:45AM and heard the sweet sound of a hermit thrush. i didn’t become interested in identifying birds by sound until mid summer last year and by then i was overwhelmed by the amount of songs and calls! i also lacked any easy way to access sound bites while wandering the woods. now, spring has arrived and i’m doing my best to learn songs as i hear them. one tool that’s been helping me out this year is the Merlin Bird ID app from the Cornell Lab. it’s completely FREE, unlike so many other tempting Bird-ID apps, AND i can listen to the sound bites while hiking in the woods! the only challenge that i’m working on is trying to differentiate between types of bird calls and being able to form an educated guess as to what kind of bird MIGHT be making a particular sound. otherwise, i find myself listening to too many different sound bites and forgetting what the original song sounded like! this page on birding basics has been pretty helpful for me. happy spring listening! what are your favorite resources for learning bird calls?


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