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the woods still feel a little bit like winter without snow. it’s just been a particularly slow to start spring. i’m waiting for those neon green beech leaves to come forth. what are you waiting for? at least it warmed up enough to warrant removing our storm windows and putting up our screens last weekend. that feels good. there’s one storm window we couldn’t remove because an eastern phoebe has built a massive nest on the part of the window that sticks out. i’m hopeful that i will find a phoebe sitting on her eggs any day now. we shall see, though. there’s always a chance the nest won’t get used.

otherwise, things are moving, things are changing. spring is coming bit by bit. life is getting busier and more interesting every day. black flies have arrived in our woods and the sound of peepers still echo strongly through the night. we’ve nearly stopped making fires in the evening altogether. wildflowers are starting to bloom one by one, too. i’m just waiting on those leaves!

i also started a new job last week and brought hyacinth into the office from my mom’s garden. it feels good to have more of a schedule and purpose in life. not that job searching and volunteering and working temporary jobs didn’t give me purpose and a schedule, but it’s different. i’m sure there many of you out there than understand how that feels. why don’t more of us write about what it’s like being unemployed or under appreciated? i just never wanted to come across as complaining. it’s funny though. you go through this whole process of applications and interviews and get drilled over and over about your “experience” and “skills,” but when it comes down to it, all that really matters is what YOU think you can do. if only we could all let go of the fear of failure. to know that despite every time you’ve gotten passed over for someone else with “more experience,” that it doesn’t really mean you’re doing anything wrong or even that you don’t have enough experience. it seems that you just have to find someone/some place of work that believes in you as much as you believes is you. unfortunately that, well, that seems nearly impossible until it actually happens.



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  1. Hi Emily :-) Really enjoy viewing these awesome snapshots. Were always waiting for spring here. I’m so happy to hear about your new job. Give my love to Darin ok
    Love Eileen

  2. Lovely photos. Congrats on the new job! I’m still looking for mine.

    • Thank you! Best of luck on your job search. I was networking for jobs for over a year and actively applying for 8 months, before the right one came along. I hear so many people have to go through much more, so I’m thankful.

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