the season of the senses

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the season truly changed over the weekend. warm rains followed by warm sun. everything is different and i’m trying to keep all my senses alert to the changes.

sight: the beech leaves in the forest literally popped from their buds overnight. in only a matter of days i imagine the woods will be brimming with the colors of bright new greenery. even the evergreens that comfort me all winter long seem brighter and happier after the warm rain.

sound: last night it was warm enough that we kept one of our bedroom windows open through the night. i fell asleep listening to the barred owls hooting in the distance. in the morning i awoke earlier than usual to the sound of our owl friends again, this time caterwauling nearby. almost immediately that pre-dawn light arrived and the sounds of eastern phoebes and hermit thrushes echoed through the forest. the barred owl continued to hoot a few more times among the other birds, then fell silent. i lay awake for a while, just listening. as the thrushes quieted down, other birds started up. the soothing call of mourning doves, among so many others i don’t yet recognize. i dozed off again and when i came to next the sun was shining through the window and i heard the very loud drumming of a nearby pileated woodpecker.

touch: besides feeling warmth on my skin and humidity in the air, our spring bugs have arrived and if you don’t have your first black fly bite of the year, the season hasn’t truly begun yet!

taste: OK, so it’s a little early yet for taste up here in New England. I could be eating my pansies that i’ve planted outside my front door and fresh chives are out and about. we signed up for a CSA this summer, but it doesn’t start until mid-June. i am seriously craving fresh vegetables from the garden on a daily basis. even the optional “spring greens” share doesn’t start for another couple weeks!

smell:  i’m waiting patiently for the lilacs to bloom in these parts. in the meantime, my mom had fragrant hyacinth in her house last week and there’s many wildflowers in the forest starting to arrive. the flowers i photographed above are trailing arbutus, and if you’re willing to get close, they have a wonderful scent!


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