may evenings

maysunset - 01

maysunset - 02

maysunset - 03

maysunset - 05

maysunset - 07

maysunset - 09

maysunset - 10

maysunset - 11

maysunset - 12

maysunset - 13

maysunset - 14

maysunset - 15

maysunset - 16

maysunset - 17

maysunset - 19

maysunset - 20

maysunset - 21

maysunset - 22

maysunset - 23



the other night i went for a walk on my usual route around the pond and back. this exact moment of time is wonderful for a number of reasons. the black flies wane as the sun sets and the air cools. the mosquitoes, while out and about, are by and large still biding their time. i sat myself down on a rock on the pond and waited for the sunset. while sitting quietly i had the chance to see a few birds up-close and personal, which was a treat. for the last month i’ve primarily been learning to identify birds by their songs and calls alone, so it was nice to be able to simply watch a few birds just go about their business like i wasn’t there. i saw a song sparrow, a pair of common yellowthroats, and a pair of bank swallows. meanwhile, the view of the pond was about as peaceful as i’ve ever seen it. i felt like i could have been far away in the great north woods on a solo camping adventure. however, after the pastel colors began to fade, i meandered back along my well-traveled trail, instagrammed on my phone as i walked, and arrived at our little cabin at dusk, with warm lights glowing from inside.


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  1. Sounds heavenly! Enjoyed your pics -esp. the sunset reflected in the pond and the lime-green buds unfolding. Isn’t spring the best?

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