sunsets and bugs

may bugs sunset - 1


may bugs sunset - 2

may bugs sunset - 3

may bugs sunset - 4

may bugs sunset - 5

may bugs sunset - 6…………

i’m now convinced that if we didn’t have black flies and mosquitoes in new england in the spring, this season would just be too wonderful and too perfect for people to stand it. no one would go to work. we would ALL be out in the woods all day every day enjoying the warm days, cool nights, fresh rains, rushing streams, chirping birds, and late sunsets. i mean, why would you do anything else? but, alas, our bug friends arrived in force and will be sticking around for quite a few more weeks. they follow me wherever i walk. if i stop to take a photo, they are on me light lightning. they find their way into our cabin and buzz in my ears at night. oh, how they can drive me crazy.

maybe, just maybe, they’re around just to keep out everyone but only the most dedicated and determined. even if it’s warm, shield yourself with long sleeves and pants and layers. bandanas, hats, or the ultimate – headnets – go far to keep you sane. if you aren’t very allergic to bug bites, even forgo the bug spray, but use it in dire circumstances. the worst mosquitoes i’ve ever experienced were in a patch of woods behind alaska pacific university in anchorage. worst. ever. and that’s saying something. our new hampshire woods in late may and june aren’t anything to scoff at either. or try camping in the interior of isle royale national park in june, too. it was crazy. but nothing compares to alaska. alaska wins this contest always and forever. it’s really about perspective though. just seek out the forest of your dreams and meet the bugs head on wherever you go! it’s 95% mental, 5% coming prepared.

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