summer in a nutshell

summerlove - 01

it’s september 8th and i haven’t shared any photos from june-august! i guess the time has come to share them all in one. i have failed, once again, at properly documenting my summer. let’s face it, though, i live in the woods and taking my camera outside for photos is downright hazardous without slathering on an obscene amount of bug spray. and i really didn’t want to put on a lot of bug spray this year!! this was also my first summer in 3 years not spending 4-8 weeks in a tent! even though summer in the cabin is still quite rustic (do you pee outside before bed every night? year round? no? i do! it’s crazy), it’s not quite at the same level as camping out in a tent.

my summer was still fairly well documented with my phone, and i upgraded too, so that was enjoyable. anything i took with my dslr pretty much revolved around my various visits to maine. the ocean drew me to it much more than the mountains this year. let’s take a look, shall we?…

summerlove - 02

summerlove - 03

^^ these first few were from long island, maine: the most beautiful and majestic white sand beach i’ve ever seen.

summerlove - 04

^^ i braved the mosquitoes for one quick shot of the summer light near the cabin.

summerlove - 05

summerlove - 06

summerlove - 07

these few are from an evening on my hometown beach in kittery. i got to take some pregnancy shots of my very good friend here. the light was amaaaaaazeballs!

summerlove - 08

summerlove - 09

summerlove - 10

summerlove - 11

and then i took a crazy quick trip to downeast maine to see my brother’s family.

summerlove - 12

summerlove - 13

summerlove - 14

summerlove - 15

my two nieces have become professional downeast beach-combers! it was fun watching them explore. what tuff little feet they have already!

summerlove - 16

summerlove - 17

summerlove - 18

summerlove - 19

summerlove - 20

summerlove - 21

summerlove - 22

summerlove - 23

summerlove - 24

summerlove - 25

summerlove - 26

summerlove - 27

summerlove - 28

the last photos i have to share from the summer are from a short hike in the belknaps in new hampshire. my friend and i explored this place and discovered amazing views and a gazillion wild blueberries! one of new hampshire’s best-kept blueberry secrets, if you ask me!

summerlove - 29

summerlove - 30

summerlove - 31

summerlove - 32

summerlove - 33

summerlove - 34

summerlove - 35


more posts and photos to come this fall, i hope. thanks for sticking around!



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  1. These are gorgeous photos, Emily! Your posts are always worth the wait. Lia had a good time looking through them, too, especially the ones that have your nieces in them. They are SO big!

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