snow days

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Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

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the snow

continues to fall here in the northeast. it’s like all my childhood dreams have come true, but are now slightly tinged by the reality of being an adult with responsibilities. shovel snow, dig your car out, shovel the roof, bring in wood, keep the fire going, catch up on work, reschedule meetings, take the pup for walks (aka snowshoe adventures now), stockpile that fridge and freezer. not all bad things, but things to preoccupy your time nonetheless.

seriously, though, i don’t remember ever having this many snowstorms as a kid. it’s pretty amazing to experience. fortunately we don’t live in town or a city and actually have a whole yard (and woods) to toss our snow. our long driveway is a little bit of a different story, but we’re managing.

snowstorm day means i stay at home with the pup. my little car can’t make it out and i have the flexibility to not drive in these conditions if i don’t have to. i’m pretty lucky.

today we went for a late afternoon walk after i stared at my computer all day. Solstice was patient for the most part, but i knew i had to get him outside for an adventure. the snow never really let up, so i bundled myself up to prep for the snowy walk. our walks through the woods now involve me strapping on my snowshoes. part of the walk is on a groomed snowmobile trail, which was untouched on this snowy monday. Solstice really bounded and leaped through this section of the trail. the other half is the an ungroomed, but wide trail that gets varied uses by our neighbors (walking, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing). four of us walked on this part of the trail on Saturday with snowshoes. you could barely see the tracks anymore. Solstice knew where to go, though. sometimes he follows right behind me when i snowshoe, carefully placing his paws in my tracks. other times he still likes to lead if the going isn’t too tuff. he was able to find the old tracks (while still deep for him, the center track is not nearly as deep as it is off to the side!) and weave along, occasionally stumbling into the deeper fluff. my favorite is when he gallops through the deep stuff, his ears flopping along the way.


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