sunset snowshoeing

















late Sunday afternoon I took Solstice out for a short snowshoe hike through the woods. the “blizzard” winds had died down, but it was still bitterly cold. once we got moving, however, it didn’t bother us so much. the pup was thrilled to get the chance to romp through the snow. we’ve been doing the same loop lately. it’s a little shorter than the full snowshoe loop, which makes it a little easier to accomplish in the cold temperatures we’ve been having. it’s fun to see Solstice remember the route each time we go. on Sunday he wanted to lead the way through our snowshoe tracks from previous days. even though they had been covered with a fresh layer of snow, he knew exactly where to go.

i’ve never seen so much snow in the woods. little hemlocks are completely buried. large boulders are hidden beneath a blanket of white. it’s been challenging to look for tracks in this depth. we found some deer tracks and i saw what i think are squirrel tracks, but that’s about it. i think it’s time i take a journey down to visit our old cabin and hike through those woods. there always seems to be a lot of wildlife activity down that way. i haven’t been over there since before this long series of winter storms started a few weeks ago.

getting outside for some snowshoeing is how i’m fighting cabin fever this winter. i love the peace and quiet of the snowy forest. for those of you in the snow-bound states, what are you doing to stay sane these days?


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  1. Beautiful! Now you need a kitten so you can take lots of kitty cat pictures. :-)

    I work outside the house and have a 45 min commute on nice days so that’s been enough to keep me going this winter. Thankfully I don’t have to go anywhere today and can just enjoy the beautiful snow with my tea from inside.

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