early summer

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what happened to spring? summer seemed to arrive quick this year. it’s hard to grasp the days between when the snow melted and the heat and bugs arrived. there was time, but it slipped away from me. early summer has been a series of warm nights, porch living, chilled wine, frozen dinners, ice cream and froyo, and sleepy nights.

i finally grabbed my camera last night after the rain stopped and it was time to take Solstice for a walk. the sun had emerged and was shimmering through the hemlocks behind the cabin. i always make sure to layer up on any walks that are first thing in the morning or in the early evening. at those times of day the mosquitoes and deer flies are out in force in the forest. i pulled on a wool zip-up hoodie and lightly coated any exposed skin with some deep woods DEET (not always, but lately, yes). there’s not much that will keep away the deer flies though. they found me quickly and i pulled my hood tight. wearing a hood helps keep them out of my hair. deer flies don’t just buzz about. they like to land on your head and i HATE it when they get caught, wings whirring, in my hair. the mosquitoes don’t bother so much as long as you keep moving, but the flies zing by my head constantly. still, the beauty of the woods last night was undeniable and Solstice and i strolled down the trail. i cussed at the bugs and felt grateful at the same time. the rain drops glistened in the sunlight after a much needed couple days of gray and gloom and precipitation. the forest felt alive and humid and the beauty of the light made me stop occasionally for just a spare second or two. the bugs always swarm when you stop. near the end of our walk, the mist through the forest caught me in a daze and i quickly snuck off trail. i ignored the bugs for a moment and just snapped away. sometimes when you don’t think, they don’t bother. it’s pretty cool. i ran back to the trail and kept power walking. once the cabin was in view, i sprinted home.


home has a garden this year! darin cut two hemlocks from around the cabin, peeled and cut them and we nailed them together to make native timber raised beds. a quick fence and the addition of some loam, and we had ourselves a garden! there is still a lot of shade in our yard, though. we planted jalepeños, orange and green peppers, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, kale, and lettuce. the broccoli and kale seem to be very happy so far. nothing else has died, so that’s good, right? ;) here’s to a bountiful harvest later this summer!



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  1. Very beautifully written! Makes me miss New Hampshire, hopefully I’ll be able to come visit soon!

  2. Your garden sounds lovely! And nothing beats the lushness of early summer in the woods.But deerflies! UGH. I completely agree about the hair entaglement. Not my fave. :)

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