goodbye spruce pond


hello from the other side

these are a few photos from my last sunrise walk down to spruce pond from last month. darin wrapped up his time at the brook and we said goodbye to our little cabin. so many memories passed in that space. this time of year was especially cosy.

i will never forget my many walks. there were many months when i was unemployed or working part-time and would walk my usual route down around the ponds daily. the wildlife tracking i would do and the light-hunting as the sun would set or rise across the hemlock groves.

it was fun to stay a few more nights at the cabin. making fires and peeing outside. solstice especially enjoys the outdoors there. he loves the people and the smells. when he walks the trails there’s an extra oopmf in his step. i think he can smell all the new unfamiliar wildlife and people smells.

i’ll miss the light, the smells, the sounds of the wind in the white pines, the barred owls… well, i’ll just miss everything.

we’ve been at the new cabin for a year now and it’s softened the blow. time to keep making new memories.


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