john b. mountain



these photos are from a week ago when i took advantage of the long weekend to travel to the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine to visit my brother’s family. we waited out a snowstorm all day Saturday, then ventured off for a hike on Sunday morning. my brother took us over to Brooksville so we could hike john b. mountain. every time i get up that way to visit we go on a different hike. there are SO MANY beautiful trails on the peninsula. most are also really well marked, inviting, and easy for families. they are short hikes with beautiful views of forest and hills and the sea. i have also really enjoyed getting to know a different part of Maine a little better, as i grew up in southern Maine.

we explored the granite ledges and walked through spruce stands. we found gateways to underground tunnels (the subnivean zone) and snow-covered maidenhair fern. we looked out on undulating hills of rock and pine and the calm, shimmering ocean.



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