Phoebe’s Nable Sunset



You couldn’t ask for a better evening for a sunset hike. We’ve been having warm, summery days, but cool, breezy nights. It’s the kind of summer weather I dream about! Miraculously the mosquitoes weren’t bad, but we did have to spend about a half an hour removing ticks once we got home. Solstice took the cake with over 20 ticks on his legs and belly. A large hay field was likely the primary source. The trail is a mowed path through the field, but we spotted a porcupine right along the trail, so we dodged it, but nearly ran into another one. They were hiding in the grass like porcupine land mines.

I had a hunch the overlook on Phoebe’s nable doesn’t face in the right direction for the *best* sunset view, but we got a nice show from the sky nonetheless. Showers had just passed through the area and gifted us with a rainbow. The rising moon also made an appearance out from behind the clouds. The Solstice (not our Solstice!) is Monday and it will be a full moon. Perhaps that calls for another sunset hike somewhere!



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  1. Lovely!!

    Porcupine land mines are the worst.

    I miss pictures of kitties. Perhaps time to adopt a kitten so I can live vicariously through you?…!!!

    • Haha indeed they are the worst. At least it didn’t end with another expensive vet bill. :) I miss kitties, too! With my parents moving to a new place this summer maybe I can convince them to finally get another cat?! Sigh…

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