Late June in the Forest Garden

I had to go away for work for a few days last week and returned to a (mostly) thriving, late June forest garden. I was too excited not to grab my camera and snap some photos of its progress. Here’s a few moments that I captured:

ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-1the rest of the seedlings by the moon garden.

ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-2beets and carrots

ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-3ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-4ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-5red and green cabbage and two onions


ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-7miniature grasshopper on a marigold!

ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-8astilbe starting to bloom


ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-10dill, one of my favorites to photograph


ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-12ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-13ForestGarden_20160629_2ndUpdate_ELord-14Solstice keeps me company



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