Wetland at Dawn (Part 1)

WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-1Dawn on the wetland. Solstice woke me up not long before dawn, and I felt surprisingly awake, so I decided to make a morning of it. I grabbed my camera and set off down the trail.

WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-2WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-3WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-4WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-5A red-winged blackbird perched himself above the beaver lodge and sang his morning song. The landscape was buzzing with the sounds of bird songs and frog trills.

WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-6WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-7WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-8WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-10WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-11WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-12WetlandatDawn_20160702_ELordPhoto-13The clouds weren’t right for a dramatic sunrise, but a few left in the distance lit up with warm hues.



My mind is dwelling on photos these days. I feel like I need to keep taking pictures and improving the results, which I have not been completely happy with. Right now I’m just trying to give myself time to take photos and edit them. Time is really necessary, especially when working a full-time job and life’s many distractions get in the way. 20 minutes in the garden here, an extra few minutes in the morning there… I am also trying new settings and angles and looking at things in new ways rather than keeping all my old habits. My old habits aren’t quite working with my new camera and so I’m forced to re-learn. It’s an exciting time to grow and learn rather than letting yourself feel stuck in place.

A 2nd batch of photos from this morning (post sunrise) will be coming soon…

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  1. Lovely photos – the first ones are a bit spooky.

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