Rattlesnake Mountain

On the final morning of our early October camping trip I packed up our gear at Elbow Pond and drove through foggy, mountain roads to reach the trail head for Rattlesnake Mountain in Rumney, New Hampshire. Darin had to get back to work for a busy fall weekend on the forest, so I thought Solstice and I could do a short hike on our own.


The foliage colors were high above us in the canopy at the start of the hike, muted by a blanket of fog. rattlesnakemtnhike_solstice_elordphoto-2

It’s a fairly steep, but quick hike to a loop trail that leads you around the summit of Rattlesnake. It wasn’t very long before we popped out above the fog.



Rattlesnake Mountain overlooks the wind farm in Groton, just south of the White Mountain National Forest. I, for one, am more than happy to see renewable energy woven into the landscape.


We were back at the trailhead and on our way home before 10am. Somehow, we were the only ones on this trail on a Saturday morning in early October. Although we could have stayed in the area and leaf-peeped some more, I was anxious to avoid the crowds. The White Mountains are an incredible place, but after nearly two full days and a zillion pictures to process, I was perfectly content to have some quiet time at home.


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