hello! my name is emily. and this is my hemlock adventures blog. ’emlock if you will. eastern hemock is notably my favorite kind of tree. it’s not poisonous like others with its name. i love the way it reflects light and stays in shades of green year-round.

i’m a self-taught photographer that grew up on the coast of maine, although currently i live in the woods of new hampshire.

i am interested in all things people and nature. my BS is in women’s studies & sociology and i hold an MS in sociology. in the past few years i have traveled the country leading youth volunteers on conservation work projects in remote wilderness areas and busy national parks and forests.

i like to play in the woods, eat extra-sharp cheddar cheese, travel, and nerdify the world.

you can find me elsewhere on the web:

www.emilylordphoto.com // flickr  // instagram // etsy  // tumblr  // pinterest


*all of the images here are my own unless otherwise stated. please contact me before using one of my photos. thanks!



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  1. yours has become one of my favorite blogs. i salute you for your courage to live a life you believe in. i gather from your latest posts that that is not always easy… all the best to you, and i look forward to more of your photography and writing.

  2. Hello Emily! We really like your blog and photos and have nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read more about it here! http://tozanita.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/liebster-award/

    We look forward to your new post!

    – Toza and Anita

  3. Krista Maxwell July 7, 2014 — 12:05 PM

    Hi! I’m a children’s librarian doing a presentation on the Appalachian trail for kids. Would it be OK if I used a couple of your beautiful photos in the slide show?

    • Hi Krista – I wouldn’t mind at all if you used a couple of my photos in your presentation. That’s wonderful! Not that it matters since it’s for kids, but if you end up sharing it publicly it would be nice if you could add a photo credit somewhere in the presentation. Just “Photo by Emily Lord” or something would be great. That really is just if you’re sharing it publicly, though.

  4. A wonderful blog find. Pleased to meet you. :)

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